• I was absolutely pleased with my first experience at martial arts. Kyle was so open and friendly and really created an open learning environment. I did feel embarrassed by my lack of experience and the small class size allowed for a better one on one focus. Love love love this class and will definitely be checking out ALL the classes Pa Kua offers!! -Yasmine S.
    First Experience at Martial Arts
  • MUST TRY!!!! I took the Chinese archery class with my wife. The experience was one of a kind! It's a great way to get rid of some stress and get a physical workout. The course itself was non-competitive, which makes the experience very pleasant. Master Kyle was great. Very attentive, calm, and professional. He did not discourage my beginner skills in archery. As a matter of fact, I am happy to say I will return for more classes, because he took the time to educate me on proper techniques. The venue was clean, new, and overall very pleasant to be in. This course fosters both mental and physical control. I was able to relax my mind enough to get my body to shoot the arrow in the right direction. Overall a great experience for kids and adults. -John A.
    Archery First Time
  • I had been wanting to do martial arts for some time, but where to go was the big question. When I met Master Kyle and he explained the Pa Kua approach it seemed like a good fit. I wasn't disappointed! I do martial arts and kick boxing and I am well on my way toward achieving my goals of conditioning, discipline and skill attainment. And it is in an environment that is respectful, nonjudgmental yet disciplined and motivating. Pa Kua has so many modalities that there is something for everyone and I have a place to learn and grow for years to come. Try it today, you won't be disappointed either. -Norman P
    Respectful, nonjudgmental yet disciplined and motivating.
  • What a wonderful service provided in Burbank! My 7-year old goes to the after school program during the week and absolutely loves it; he sings about it on the way there and never wants to leave! That's a 5-star in my book. This is not a traditional after school program, my son gets to practice martial arts and archery plus he gets supervised homework time with a snack, it's great! Master Kyle is disciplined yet super gentle and patient with the kids, my whole family loves him. This is so much better than coming home from school and complaining about having homework to do and begging for the iPad!!
    After School Program
  • Words are not enough to describe this place and the experience you'll get. You just have to try to see it for your self. Took my 10-yrs. old son for 2 free classes. First day was Martial Arts and the second day for Archery. And that was it, he loves it. Master Kyle at Burbank Pa Kua Martial Arts and Health is one of a kind. His teaching styles and philosophy is just so different from what I have seen in my past experience and from today's Martial Arts schools. I see his teachings helping anyone trough out their lifetime no matter what the age is. It's like Eastern and Western, traditional and modern, external and internal combined, all in one. Master Kyle is a father himself. He's great with kids and he's very patient. He teaches my son that the only person he needs to compete is himself. I think that is a very important lesson for anyone to learn. It has been 2 weeks and already I can see changes in my son. He is more focused, confident and respectful. Where else can a 10-years old learn Martial Arts, with so many options: Archery, Weapons, Tai Chi, Meditation, Kickboxing, Yoga, Acrobatics, Chi/Energy. And that's not all. Great after school program (with or without transportation). I can drop off my son after school. and pick him up by 6pm. He practice Martial Arts 3 times a week, one day Archery, and one day the kids decide what they want to learn, then does homework with help then gets free time.
    After School 10 year old