Reflexology is the ancient study of self evaluation and healing through the use of Micro-bodies and the understanding of our place from the study of Macro-badies. In this class we learn self evaluation and diagnoses based on traditional Chinese energetic theory as well and the message and techniques to accelerate healing in the body. We also practice techniques to build up our internal energy (Chi) and increase our bodies potential. This class mixes soft movements, message, meditation, flexibility, and tension exercises.

What is a micro-body? It is a small piece of our self that represents our whole body. A common example in our DNA. In our DNA sequence we see all of our self represented. A macro-body is the opposite. Ourself as a reflection of our community and environment. We might live or be in the heart of the city for example, or we might be the brains of the operation. This is a good example of our self as a part of a larger body in our group or city.