$40 for non-students and $30 for students. $5 Discount for siblings.

Are you a parent who would like a night out while their kid(s) play and have fun while learning some new skills?The after school kids have been asking for a while to have a NERF war in the big open space of the Pa Kua school. So I have agreed to arrange a night of Archery target practice, NERF target practice, pizza, NERF War, and a movie. Bring your kids and enjoy a night out, a nice dinner, and a movie while your kids have fun, play, and learn some new skills for a lot cheaper than a babysitter.

NERF darts will be provided by Burbank Pa Kua, kids should bring there own NERF weapons of choice, but there will be some extras if you don’t own any (Dont bring your own darts please!). Target practice winners in archery and NERF will take home darts as a prize. Safety glasses will be provided and required for all kids participating.

The night is open to all students and non-students of all abilities and ranks. Burbank Pa Kua is located on the boarder of Glendale and Burbank 1 mile south of downtown Burbank with lots of shops and movie theaters. Feel free to leave your car in take a 20 minute walk to the AMC 16, or a 5 minute drive.

Registration is limited