Burbank Pa Kua is offering 4 weeks of summer camp, from June 5th-30th. Campers will spend time practicing and learning many different martial arts skills to develop focus, discipline, strength, coordination, and self confidence all while having fun. Camps can choose from each week or come to all 4! Week 1 is Archery, Week 2 is Stick Fighting, Week 3 is Martial Arts, and Week 4 is Swords. Campers can come for one week or more and learn some new skills, or improve on what they already know in this fun and safe environment.

The camp is available for ages 6-13 and will include all the needed equipment, shirts, uniforms, and weapons for each week. There will be healthy snacks and drinks for the campers to enjoy, and each week will be a little different. The camp will last each day from 9am-3pm, with extended hours available (7:30am-9am, + $20, 3pm-6pm, + $30). There is a one-time $30 registration fee, which is waived if you sign up before 3/31/17. All of the classes take place indoors, in an air-conditioned martial arts school. All classes will be lead by Master Kyle Billingsley (bio here) who has been teaching since 2005 and is registered in the TrustLine system (ask for drivers license number to search database).

If you wish to sign up for 2 or 3 weeks, Please call. Our system is only set up for 1 week, or all 4. Sorry for the inconvenience.

5% discount for siblings.

Sign up for all 4 weeks and receive 5% off

Traditional Chinese Archery

June 5th-9th – $240

Campers will spend a week learning the traditional form of archery practiced for over 2,000 years in China. We will learn the basics of how to shoot, how to be safe, & how to care for your bow and arrows. Campers will even get to make their own arrow! At the end of the week you can bring home your bow and arrows and continue to practice at any of the nearby free archery ranges. We will also have games and basic martial arts skills (as befits any warrior, including archers).

Stick Week

June 12th-16th -$230

This week will be spent learning the basic spinning and fighting techniques with one long stick, and a pair of short sticks. We will cut a pair of short sticks and a long stick for each camper to make sure they are the perfect size, and each camper will get to decorate and keep their sticks. We will also play martial arts games and have obstacle courses! The week will end with a demonstration of a short fight choreography from the campers that they will develop in teams all week.

Martial Arts Week

June 19th-23rd – $210

Campers will practice and learn traditional noncompetitive Chinese martial arts. Each day we will work on falling, kicks, & defense to build strength, coordination, teamwork, & self confidence. As the campers learn each day they will build a short fight choreography to demonstrate at the end of the week! Have fun and get exercise in this safe environment. We will also play martial arts games and do obstacle courses set up by the campers themselves.

Sword Week

June 26th-30th – $230

Campers will spend this week focusing on precision and discipline through the art of sword fighting. They will learn to use one sword in two hands and a pair of swords, to attack, defend, and counter. We will use safe bamboo practice swords and learn a lot about control and safety to make sure every camper is ready for an end-of-week demonstration! At the end of the week the campers will keep their swords. We will also play games, and work on obstacle courses.