Kickboxing Classes Burbank | Glendale

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Kickboxing Classes Burbank | Glendale
Kickboxing Classes Burbank | Glendale

These Kickboxing Classes in Burbank | Glendale are a combination of martial arts and music. In these classes the student will burn calories while learning self-defense in an aerobic, informal Martial Arts class.

Through this class, the students will receive many benefits, such as increase strength, confidence, stress relief, stretching, increased flexibility, improvement in breathing, and physical development, as well as finding the rhythm to their lives.

Rhythm class is also a fun way to drill martial arts moves.  It teaches martial artists many combinations, which can be applied to sparring and fighting as well as providing the conditioning needed for extended practice, helping to prevent cardio-respiratory problems. In Pa Kua Rhythm, the students also learn meditation and self-defense.

Monday & Wednesday at 8pm

Friday at 1pm

1 Class a week = $90

2 Classes a week = $120

3 Classes a week = $150

Unlimited Classes = $180

Monthly Fees
Group/family rates available

New student special! 2 weeks unlimited for $28!