10am Archery

11am Edge Weapons

12pm Martial arts

Come and try out my new family classes! I had the idea because of the times I sit in waiting rooms watching my kids do really fun things and then not having enough time to spend on my own fitness and classes. What if we could all participate in class together. That is my goal.

In the classes we will work all together for parts of the class, and divided up by size and maturity other times. Each student will practice with their family as well as with the other families in attendance. Parents with parents and kids with kids, as well as all mixed together.

Family classes are open to individual kids, teenagers, and adults as well a families.

A little about Chinese archery

Traditional Chinese Archery is a practice that is thousands of years old. It was considered by many of the great Chinese philosophers as the most meditative and focused art form. We keep this tradition alive, as well as the martial history of Chinese archery. That means we will practice the fitness and conditioning to be able to pull the bow, and get into all the different positions we will shoot from. We will be shooting from standing, as well as moving, sitting, and many other skills.

A little about Edge Weapons

Edge Weapons is the study of all the different martial arts blades. Chinese saber, long sword, ji’an (double edged), Dao (Single edged), knife, spear, and so on. The study of sharp weapons helps us to hone our mind and learn to be a life warrior.

a little about martial arts

Pa Kua Martial Arts is a noncompetitive and comprehensive study of martial arts. We cover all of the techniques know in any of the martial arts styles. The class is divided into stretching, fitness, discipline, partners work, and meditation. Martial arts teaches non verbal communication skills because of the way we interact with each other. It is the best way to learn how to behave and how to act. Because of the combination of fitness and social skills, it is the best class for kids, teenagers, and families.