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Want more out of your after school program? We educate a student about them-self.

1st-8th Grade students from Burbank or West Glendale.

3 Martial arts classes per week. Noncompetitive, Fitness, Social Skills, Focus, Discipline, Fun

1 Archery class per week. Focus, Meditation, Patience.

1 Class changing each month by vote (Tai Chi, Swords, Long Stick, Yoga, Acrobatics, and more.)

1 Hour supervised homework / quite time each day.

Tutor available during homework time

3 Evaluations over the school year

Supervision from last bell through 6 PM.

Healthy Snacks

$80/Week tuition.

$50 ($10 a day) transportation fee.

$100 once a year registration fee (waived if you enroll before July 14th 2017)

Holiday, Winter and Spring Break camps available at an extra cost. 5% Sibling Discount

Burbank Pa Kua Mission Statement

Our mission is to bring mental, physical, and social health and harmony to anyone who chooses to study the Pa Kua tradition. We will teach each student the techniques and skills they need to be a happy, productive, and harmonic member of their family and community.

After school Program at Burbank Pa Kua Mission Statement

We will teach the children who attend Burbank Pa Kua to have the physical strength, mental discipline, and self confidence to succeed at school and on their chosen path and to help each student to learn how to interact harmoniously with their family and friends. We are dedicated to helping each student reach their goals and become supportive members of our society and the community.

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Why choose us for your kids?

Master Kyle Billingsley is not just a small business owner. As a father of 2 young boys, ages 2 and 5, he understands both the practical need for child care as well as that nurturing desire to offer them something enriching, something more. The after school program at Burbank Pa Kua was born from that inspiration. This special program offers not just child care but also a place to practice so many of the enriching life skills that we all want for our kids: respect for their physical fitness, responsibility for their actions, confident communication, mindfulness, and the many other skills that martial arts has to offer. All of these skills are at the heart of the fun, kid-centered program designed to instill a sense of accomplishment and pride. Read more about why to choose us here.

Who can attend?

Classes will start August 15th, 2016 with the start of school year and any kids who are 1st-8th grade can attend. The group will practice together as well as broken into smaller groups depending on the skills being covered that day. It’s important to us that kids learn how to interact and behave around other kids of all ages, so the groups will practice mixed ages. However, some skills and techniques need to be practiced with peers so sometimes the groups will be divided by age or ability. We want each student to make use of their physical, mental, and social skill equally.

What will the kids do?

The Burbank Pa Kua After school Program is open every Burbank or Glendale school day from the last bell until 6pm, including short days. Each student will attend a 1 hour Martial Arts class on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, an hour Archery class on Tuesday, and a 1 hour class on Thursday. The Thursday class will be voted on by the attending students and might include acrobatics, tai chi, yoga, or weapons, and will change as the students interest change.

Each class will take place on the mat and will be instructed by Master Kyle Billingsley. Class will start as soon as the students arrive and are ready. After class the students will have supervised homework time, with an available tutor as needed. At 5:30pm they will be ready for pick-up. Those that can are welcome to stay until 6pm where we will have supervised mat time or homework time as needed.

What will they learn?

Burbank Pa Kua is part of an international organization called World Pa Kua Martial Arts & Health. The organization has guidelines on what to teach students starting at white belt. We will teach each student in a progressive manner, starting at the ability of each individual, and moving up in a step by step manner. Burbank Pa Kua is a noncompetitive martial art where we emphasize the growth and self awareness of each student. We will start with the fundamental martial skills including kicks, punches, blocks, self-defense, conditioning and stretching, and the proper techniques to fall and roll. Included in the program are three evaluations which will take place throughout the school year. As each student progresses through the belt levels, we will work on more complex techniques such as pressure points, joint manipulation, throws, and much more.

In archery we will learn safety rules, how to hold and shoot an arrow, variations on how to shoot, how to make your own arrows, stretches and movements to protect and condition the body for shooting, and many other techniques. Archery will also take place at Burbank Pa Kua.

The pa kua knowledge includes many other concepts and movements which we will teach as needed and depending on what the students want to try in the Thursday classes. The first month will be Acrobatics, which is the study of partners balance and trust exercises.

Safety and Health

The most important thing the students will learn is how how to control their ego or their fear in order to accomplish all the techniques in a safe way. They will also gain a healthy weight, strength, coordination, self esteem, concentration, and the many other benefits of martial arts training.

Fees and Tuition

Once a year enrollment fee = $100 (No fee if you enroll before July 14th)
Cost Per Week = $80
Transportation per week = approx. $50 (you will only pay when you use a ride, price will be based on amount of trips used per week. Siblings from the same location ride at a discounted rate.)
4 weeks of after school care with transportation is maximum $520.

Transportation will be handled by hopskipdrive.com. If we can find an equally safe and efficient mode of pick-up that costs less, we will change and the cost of transportation will reflect that.

We also offer full day camps on school holidays (including winter and spring breaks) as needed by participating students and their friends and families.

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