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Acrobatics is the study of powerful positions, combining balance and strength, practiced by two or more people together. The techniques strengthen our understanding of society, relationships, and trust while helping each person overcome past negative experiences (defragmentation). Although it sound advanced, we start at the ability of each student and work step by step to achieve a greater level of flexibility and strength.

Each student will improve strength and balance through different slow exercises using their own weight and the weight of a partner. This exercises will also clean and repair the body and mind by filling all the muscles and cleansing them with fresh blood and oxygen.

Acrobatics is particularly good as a way to get to know and learn to work with others, which makes it ideal for couples, families, and groups.

1 Class a week = $90

2 Classes a week = $120

3 Classes a week = $150

Unlimited Classes = $180

Free trial class on Monday & Wednesday 9pm. Family class Saturday at 11am.