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Burbank Martial Arts, Tai Chi, Kickboxing – Burbank / Glendale Pa Kua

A Little About Pa Kua

Burbank Pa Kua is a school that offers Martial Arts, Tai Chi, Kickboxing classes. We teach traditional knowledge of the Pa Kua (Bagua) symbol. What is the Pa Kua Symbol? Good question. Pa Kua translates to the eight changes. The pa kua symbol is one of the oldest known symbols in the world. It was studied by Confucius and is the basis of all Chinese medicine and philosophy, as well as fang shui and many other things. Pa Kua is a basic system of classifying and understanding the way the world moves and changes. We apply and learn that knowledge here through the study and practice of many mental and physical exercises. The different aspects of study are covered in the different classes and disciplines offered. To study more of the internal parts we have tai chi or archery, the external parts we have martial arts or edge weapons. Each class focusing on different topics, but all part of the pa kua knowledge.

I hope that you will come and try out some of the different things we offer, I truly believe it will improve your life and I’m sure there is something here for everyone.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to bring mental, physical, and social health and harmony to anyone who chooses to study the Pa Kua tradition. We will teach each student the techniques and skills they need to be a happy, productive, and harmonic member of their family and community.

Monthly Fees

Group/family rates available
Does not include $25 Range and Equipment fee for archery classes

Unlimited Classes = $180

1 Class a week = $90

2 Classes a week = $120

3 Classes a week = $150